Bastards !

by duncanr

two ‘animal rights activists‘ heartless, self-righteous bastards steal a homeless man’s dog then put it up for adoption for €175 –

8 Comments to “Bastards !”

  1. If I had been there, this would not have happened!


    • I see lots of homeless folk with dogs when I go into town and I’ve never once seen a dog that looked ill-treated

      on the contrary, they are well looked after, and obviously well-loved

      I can’t begin to imagine the pain and distress of this man and his dog being forcibly separated from one another

      can’t begin to imagine either why French police don’t arrest this couple, retrieve the man’s dog and return it to him

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  2. They are real bastards, I want to find out if anyone is helping the poor penniless homeless man to get his beloved friend back, surely someone in france a solicitor/ the police or someone should help help him. Does anyone know how I can help?


  3. Oh my God Duncan, this is horrid!!


  4. Not surprising. Animal rights activists do tend to overlook human rights.


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