Caption this . . .

by sticky


17 Comments to “Caption this . . .”

  1. Destruction. Cannibalism. Zombification.

    Marijuana, the harbinger of the Apocalypse.


  2. Damn, I’ll need to find a new supplier !


  3. The threat of Marijuana –

    Enough to drive you to drink.

    The thought of drunks roaming the streets of our city centres –

    Enough to make you want a joint to chill out a bit.


  4. “Oh, God! No! No! No! Now we’ll never find out where he hides his stash!”

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  5. “Norman! Did you bring this in here? Get in here – right now!


  6. Whack!!! “Uuurghhh!” THUD!

    “That’ll teach you to write on your bedroom wall, you little twat!”


  7. “Quick – call for an ambulance, but make sure you get rid of that syringe full of marijuana first!”


  8. I see that ‘Miss Fanny P’ likes my post.

    I like Fanny !


  9. “Waaahaaahaaahhh!! I told him to take his cannabis oil every day, but he wouldn’t listen! Now he’s died from his combination of diabetes, MS, Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s, hypertension, epilepsy, asthma, liver cancer, brain tumour . . . “


  10. where’s that damn life assurance policy?


  11. “I’ve told you before. Take your corpse outside if you want to play with it”


  12. Heard of people dying from too much of any substance–except marijuana.


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