The Customer is (NOT) Always Right

by duncanr

especially when they are an obnoxious little prick like 19yr old Luke Gatti – a soon to be ex-student (no doubt) at the University of Connecticut, he was refused service at a campus cafeteria because he was drunk and carrying an open alcohol container (an illegal offence), then became abusive and physical with the manager

turns out the precious prick has ‘previous’ – having been turfed out of the University of Massachusetts after being arrested twice, once for disorderly conduct, and again for disorderly conduct and assaulting a police officer –


2 Comments to “The Customer is (NOT) Always Right”

  1. “Listen GW – you can’t come into Iraq with an open cruise missile battery. Think about it!”

    “Why not? Why not?”

    Same thing, just a different scale. Selfish bastards are the same, whatever their age or position.


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