Boris Talking Sense?

by duncanr

BORISbloody unbelievable – Boris and I actually agree on something !

Boris claims immigrants are often scapegoated – blamed for everything that has gone wrong in a society

Your kids can’t get a house? It’s the immigrants. Can’t get a job? It’s the immigrants. Can’t see a doctor in A&E? It’s the immigrants. Traffic on the M4? It’s the immigrants.” (

mind you, as one commenter on this report said – WTF? Boris making sense? Easy to look the sensible moderate when the alternatives are pushing to the right of Gengis Khan

9 Comments to “Boris Talking Sense?”

  1. Probably out of context knowing that dangerous right of a good bit right buffoon, reckon he started his sentence, ‘Rightly so the immigrants are blamed….etc.’

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  2. It’s always been this way–blaming immigrants for everything.

    If a society blames immigrants, it doesn’t have to own up to its own wrongdoing.

    Most of the crime in the United States, for example, is committed by American citizens whose families have been here for generations. Yet immigrants (legal and illegal) are blamed. Immigrants are considered a major threat to the security of the United States–but the real major threat to the security of the United States is the majority of American citizens themselves. Their ignorance, apathy, and complacency are the primary forces driving this country to hell.

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  3. I think you hit the nail on the head, Duncan, when you mentioned the alternatives. I read about Teresa May’s comments on UK Google News recently and they were reprehensible. (No surprises there.) My guess is that Boris Johnson has no strong feelings about the immigration issue one way or the other but is seriously committed to becoming leader one day. If one of his main opponents moves to the right, he’ll move to the left. I’ll bet if Teresa May had been uncharacteristically charitable about immigrants on the day of her speech, Boris would now by talking about building an electric fence right round Britain’s beaches.

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    • fully agree, Bun – I may be misjudging the man but, much as I approve of his words, there’s part of me (like you) can’t help but think there may be a bit of political positioning here to gain an electoral advantage over his rivals

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  4. If you had a proper religious grounding you’d realise straight away that it’s immigrants to blame. Look at the Devil, for example. He’s behind all our problems, and he’s not from around here is he? So, he’s an immigrant.

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  5. Yes, don’t egg him on… Hehehe!

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