Symphysiotomy : Fucken Religion

by duncanr

I’ve been two days trying to write this post but have been too upset/angry to marshall my thoughts into a coherent pattern

that doctors, in this day and age, are sawing women in two rather than perform a Caesarian because the former will potentially allow them to have more children in future (in line with the Catholic church goals for families) than will the latter – though tell that to ‘Lily’, who has been unable to have sex with her husband since her pelvis was sawn in two – leaves me speechless with rage

you can read more about this barbaric practice here –

6 Comments to “Symphysiotomy : Fucken Religion”

  1. Barbarism.

    You all know my views on religion, so I won’t say any more.


    • I can’t get my head around this

      there were no (as far as I know) priests present during these procedures, keeping a careful eye on what was going on and making sure it was compatible with RC teaching

      the decision to perform these barbaric acts were made by medical staff, themselves – who abandoned the Hippocratic oath they swore on taking up medicine and put their understanding of RC dogma ahead of the interests/welfare of these women and their unborn child !


    • animals – ignorant fucken animals, to treat a woman this way !


  2. Reminds me of a medical sketch with John Cleese playing a doctor:

    “Does this hurt? ….Good.”


  3. I’d never heard of this either, until reading the article. It’s not barbaric–it’s savage.


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