Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

by duncanr

or to put it another way . . .

one person’s misfortune is another person’s gain

and so it proved for one jilted bride who’s mother – rather than see $35,000 wasted (there was no refund on offer, apparently) after the groom did a runner a week before the wedding – invited homeless folk to come eat the scrumptious food that had been planned for the wedding reception

full story here – http://tinyurl.com/q6cynfm


4 Comments to “Every Cloud has a Silver Lining”

  1. Good way to turn an ugly scene into a beautiful scene. I think the bride will benefit from this (in matters of the heart).


  2. families can be a great source of support and strength or a right pain in the ass – [I don’t have anything to do with my remaining kin]


  3. Fantastic.

    It’s better than using the threat of the homeless to get a refund, as did the CEO of one of my old companies.

    Having just stepped in as CEO, he wanted to cancel the annual week-long jolly outing management conference to San Diego, but the hotel complex said that the booking was firm, and that there would be no refund. This was for around 200 middle management types for a week – full board, with activities such as paintball, sea trips, etc. all arranged through the hotel.

    Legal threats having failed, the new CEO (let’s call him Bob) then told the hotel that he’d invite 200 of San Diego’s homeless to enjoy the facilities and the pre-booked activities instead.

    The hotel cancelled within a week.


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