Scratch and sniff

by NobblySan

An exciting development in LCD monitor technology allows me to bring to you the very first scratch and sniff Mad Hatters post.

In an effort to entice a well known and much disliked Cornishman out of hiding, the Mad Hatters have had a rummage down the back of the settee and taken back several dozen empty beer bottles in order to finance a technology partnership with Upyours Industrial, pioneers of an exciting new development that finds MH right at the foreskinfront of technology.

Announcing the partnership to his board of directors, founder and CEO of Seoul based Upyours Industrial, Mr Foo Keeootoo made the following statement: “Tek t’buggers for all they’ve got, then show em t’door”, in what was a surprisingly authentic Yorkshire accent for a supposedly native south Korean.

So, ladies and gentlemen, to the demonstration.

Simply click on the photo below, then gently rub your fingertips down your screen from top to bottom of the image. This will liberate the enticing aroma of the Cornish Pastie.

If this fails to enthuse our elusive Cornishman, and tempt him out of his hidey-hole, then there is nothing else left for me other than to try flogging off the supply of Honest Nobbly ™ finger smear remover screen wipes that are currently taking up all the space in my spare room.


Remember – scratch and sniff!

23 Comments to “Scratch and sniff”

  1. My fingertips ended up smelling remarkably like fingertips!


  2. Mine just smells like a computer monitor–bummer!


  3. OK – I have now re-edited the post to restore the original photograph to its rightful position.

    Shame on the person who replaced it with this one.

    Honest Nobbly Inc. wish to distance themselves from the unscrupulous activities of this individual, despite the extra revenue generated by increased sales of Honest Nobbly ™ Fingertip Deodorant


  4. Can’t smell anything!! Wait I just scratched my butt.


  5. Scratch . . .


  6. . . . ‘n’ Sniff


  7. Beware! Beware!

    The tea leaves tell of the return of the rat!


  8. Been touched by the Can’t Be Arsed Rodent?

    Don’t want to embarrass your family by becoming a Graphic Designer?

    Honest Nobbly ™ have secured a 12 month supply of Old Scrotum’s Farmhouse Cider – Order now to avoid having to wear a pink bow tie.


  9. With his pastie and his pattie
    He dresses up so natty
    With pink bow tie – so scary
    He is the Felt-tip Fairy!


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