Caption this . . .

by duncanr


pic ‘stolen’ from Mike S


6 Comments to “Caption this . . .”

  1. according to these directions, the Bush is not too far from here


  2. “I see that Duncan is now following my blog–this is a pleasure!”

    “What is a blog?”

    “It is a web log.”

    “Web? A spider’s web?”

    “No–It’s just a log, but like a column in a newspaper to which readers can subscribe.”

    “Who is this Duncan–is he a spy?”

    “Not that I’d tell you if he were, but no–he’s a Scottish chap.”

    “In the Republic, or in the Rebel State?”

    “Neither–in the United Kingdom.”

    “Which side does he support?”

    “Neither–and why do you care? It seems that my uniform is gray, while yours are blue.”

    “Johnny Reb!”

    “Not anymore. Judging by this goddess’ foot against which we’re standing, it appears that we have died and gone to heaven.”

    “Then why are you here with us? God was on our side!”

    “God doesn’t take sides.”


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