Happy Diwali

by duncanr

diwali how could I forget – what with the fireworks that have been going off around me the past few days ?

but forget I did – for a second or two

I was sat at the kitchen table, radio on in the background

it is permanently tuned to an Asian radio station which comes on air at 6am each morning – till then, during the night, the frequency is shared with another station which broadcasts interesting news and magazine style content

the switchover at 6am is one of the ‘markers’ of my day – if the radio is playing desi music when I return from the park with the dogs, I know I’m running a bit late

ideally, I like to . . .

sit down at 6am for a cup of coffee, iron a t-shirt for work at 6.30, and be out the door for work around 6.50

so I was startled when my ears registered the change from chit-chat to music on the radio

‘bugger’, I thought – ‘6am already and I haven’t had a shower yet or taken the dogs out, I’m going to be way late for work’

then I recognised the tune/chant playing and remembered the station had been advertising a change to their normal schedule – that on this day, they would be preceding their usual 6am start with an hour-long programme of devotional music to celebrate the start of Diwali – panic over !

Happy Diwali to those celebrating the Festival of Light!

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10 Comments to “Happy Diwali”

  1. Do you understand what they’re saying on these Asian radio stations, Duncan ?

    Urdu you not ?


  2. I especially enjoy the chanting in the video. It’s very similar to that on a CD I have–“Chants of India” (1997) Ravi Shankar, produced by George Harrison. I recommend this CD to anyone–it’s beautiful.


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