1 in 5 Muslims are . . .

by duncanr

afraid of their wives – (the other 4 are lying) 😆

more ‘facts’ about 1 in 5 muslims herehttp://tinyurl.com/noastjk

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6 Comments to “1 in 5 Muslims are . . .”

  1. Followed the link to the Metro story about the article in The Sun. I see the latter are really determined to wrest the title of Scummiest Rag back from The Daily Mail.


    • one of the Sun’s ‘sister’ papers is now distancing themselves from this ‘story’ and criticising the Sun over its mis-interpretation and misleading reporting of the results of this survey


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      • That was very interesting, Duncan. I like to think I’m hardened to the cynicism and stupidity of the (especially right-wing) press, but every now and again they do something so breathtakingly irresponsible even I’m shocked.

        I notice on the same page that John Oliver was criticized by Fox News for condemning the political grandstanding over the refugee crisis. Fox’s response was to completely ignore all of his valid criticisms and simply say that since he was originally from Britain, his views don’t count.

        Rupert Murdoch is quite a case. I find it amazing that one man can be responsible for so much media stupidity on three different continents.


        • I’m tempted to argue the case that the Murdoch controlled media is a greater threat to world peace and harmony between people of different races and religions than any terrorist organisation !

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          • Well, I think the fact there’s even a plausible case that can be made to that effect shows how much damage the man has done. I’m afraid he’s more or less a case study in the damage an individual can do to society if he or she is competent but utterly without scruples or conscience.


  2. Scary stuff, eh? 1 in 5… ? Now please remain calm, but there’s more:

    1 in every 2 Muslims is a Wife


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