Bible vs Quran : Social Experiment

by duncanr

the atrocities committed by muslim terrorists has led to a rise in islamophobia here in the UK – – and in other countries

a perception often voiced by those who use the ‘guilt by association’ line of thinking to blame all muslims for the actions of some terrorists is that such violent actions are sanctioned by the Quran – that Islam is an inherently, violent, aggressive religion, in contrast to the gentle, peace-loving religion that is Christianity

[those that believe that about Christianity should read some history!]

to bolster their argument that islam is a religion that promotes violence, those who hold this view often quote selected verses from the quran – but the same charge could be made also against the bible . . .

those promoting islamophobia should remember that the . . .

majority of ISIS victims have been muslims, not christians; the folk fighting ISIS, on the ground in Syria (e.g., Kurds, Free Syrian Army) – as opposed to those dropping a few bombs on them from a safe distance – are muslims, not Christians; and fostering fear and hatred between muslim and non-muslim citizens of the UK only does ISIS’s work

time for ‘Islamophobes’ to GROW UP !

7 Comments to “Bible vs Quran : Social Experiment”

  1. It’s time for plenty of people around the world to GROW UP, but they never will.

    ‘those promoting ***ophobia’ [*** – insert chosen topic of the week here] almost certainly know damn well what the true situation is, but are using the argument to promote their own politico-religious agenda. You can’t really blame the public who pick up on such stuff and blindly believe it, because as a society we’re conditioned to believe what we’re told by ‘our side’.

    There will always be two sides to any argument, and people willing to exploit a twisted version of the truth. Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to the loathsome practices of religion and nationalism.

    . . . and football.


    • Here’s a ‘for instance’ –

      Read this article on torture carried out in Syria. Finished? – disturbing isn’t it? But is it all true? Is it all made up, or is it basically true but enhanced a bit to add impact?

      Is this pure coincidence that the good old BBC (who never take sides and are always thoroughly factual) have printed this days after parliament voted to bomb IS/ISIS/ISIL/DAESH [delete according to current fashion] having earlier failed to endorse doing the same to Assad?

      Who knows? Not me. Not you. We are just expected to believe it because it was in the media – OUR media, not THEIR’S.


  2. And look who’s back. Alex Thomson gets to the root of their ‘intelligence’ . . .


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