Something for the Weekend – No 192

by duncanr

following my mellow, meditative choice of listening last weekend, I promised BunKaryudo something a bit more toe-tapping this week . . .

and if that didn’t get you toe-tapping, perhaps this will . . .

13 Comments to “Something for the Weekend – No 192”

  1. Sorry Duncan, I’m… I’m trying my best to… to comment, but it’s… it’s not easy with… with my feet tapping this much.

    Great stuff! 🙂


  2. . . . and now for something toe-curling


  3. Well, it’s very catchy. They could be singing about anything, though, so I hope it’s nothing too scandalous.


  4. No, they’re not really into rap, just pretty much straight pop songs, so my main problem with the lyrics isn’t the amount of bad language in them so much as their utter banality. I suppose it has always been like that, though. When I think about some of the stuff I listened to when I still cared about charts and things, it was hardly Shakespeare set to music.


    • Well, pop songs were so good in the ’60s that it didn’t really matter what the lyrics were about.

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      • I remember a foreign friend of mine who told me that the reason she first began learning English was that she wanted to understand what the lyrics of songs by the Beatles were all about. She was a bit disappointed to find that “I Want to Hold Your Hand” or whatever were not quite as profound as she’d hoped.


  5. Yes, the Beatles weren’t renowned for lyricising The Workers Control the Means of Production, or The Struggle of the Urban Proletariat.



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