What Have We Been Reduced to ?

by duncanr

concentration campI have made no secret of the fact I am an atheist

yet I have both christian and muslim friends

I get exasperated, however, when I read shite like this . . . http://tinyurl.com/o7fxocj

for f*ck Sake – christians and muslims believe in the same imaginary being God

‘Allah’ is simply the arabic word for ‘God’

the main difference, from my atheist perspective, between Islam and Christianity is that . . .

the former view Jesus and Mohammed as messengers/prophets of God while the latter view Christ as the son of God – though it took 300+ years after his presumed death before christians bestowed that status on Jesus

what I have found distressing in recent days is the right wing fascist responses in so many countries to the threat from ISIS

USA presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, for instance, is doing well in the polls despite outrageous statements such as – kill the families of ISIS members, ban all muslims from entry to the USA, require all Muslims residents of the USA to sign a register

now, the right wing fascist response to the threat of ISIS attacks has spread to Europe with a proposal before the Danish parliament to pass a law allowing refugees to be stripped of valuables, e.g., money, jewellery they have fled Syria with

ahem, why not pull the fucken gold fillings from their teeth while you’re at it, bastard fucken Danes?

way to go defeating ISIS, I don’t think – tarring and attacking peaceful muslims and those fleeing ISIS control for the actions of a few ?

but, hey, what do I know?

what does my opinion matter?

I am not a politician

I am not one who clapped, cheered, applauded a recent decision by the UK Parliament to drop bombs in Syria – like it was some sort of Oxford/Cambridge debating society win, rather than a decision to kill/maim people

3 Comments to “What Have We Been Reduced to ?”

  1. This atheist couldn’t agree more and I’ll have you know that the majority of educated and sane U.S. citizens find Tyrannosaurus Rump to be about as politically viable as dog shit on the bottom of our collective shoe.


  2. I knew nothing about Danish politics so I checked to see who was in control. It’s a party called Venestre. I’m sure you will share my shock to discover that it is, according to Wikipedia “the major party of the centre-right in Denmark.” It’s a funny thing, the countries may differ, but the heartless nonsense seems depressingly familiar.


  3. I too ‘get exasperated . . . when I read shite like this’

    Which is why I steer well clear of The Metro.


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