Slip, Sliding in the Snow

by duncanr

young polar bears at San Diego Zoo delighted to find 26 tons of snow dumped in their enclosure . . .

3 Comments to “Slip, Sliding in the Snow”

  1. Refreshing to see captive polars bears with something interesting to do other than just pace backwards and forwards all day. From what I remember, San Diego Zoo is one of the better ones when it comes to trying to provide their animals with mental stimulation.

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    • agreed !

      as a kid, I used to love visits to Edinburgh Zoo

      as an adult, I find zoos a sad and depressing place to visit

      yes, some make an effort to provide a stimulating environment for their captives but they are still prisoners for all that – constrained in an artificial environment, denied a natural lifestyle – for what?

      our momentary interest and pleasure?

      to rake in money for zoo owners?

      to protest their existence, zoos often cite their role in protecting endangered species from extinction through captive breeding programmes but how often does one hear of any endangered species offspring bred in captivity being re-introduced to their natural environment?

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      • Yes, I don’t think re-introductions are common, assuming they take place at all.

        I guess the species involved may make some difference. Big, smart animals like bears that usually roam over vast territories in the wild seem like particularly likely candidates to suffer from psychological problems. I’m not any kind of expert on the topic, though, so I may be wrong.


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