The Good Neighbour

by duncanr
this is a stock photo - I ate the curry before deciding to write this post :-)

this is a stock photo – I ate the curry before deciding to write this post

my neighbour popped round for a chat last night – I’ve been out and about over the xmas period catching up with family and friends, and he likewise, so we hadn’t seen each other for a few days and he wanted to check I was O.K.

he had also noticed that the . . .

security light that should illuminate my drive when the sensors detect movement wasn’t working and offered to fix it for me (for free)

he also brought me some vegetarian food his wife had cooked

living on my own (apart from the dogs) since my wife died, it’s reassuring to know someone close-by is looking out for me

as a devout Muslim, Ali is following Islam’s teaching to respect the elderly (I have mixed feeling about falling in to that category 😆 ) and to look after one’s neighbours, regardless of their race or religion (or lack of in my case)

but what may have started as a religious duty has morphed into a genuine friendship and I feel like I’ve been adopted as an honourary grandfather to his kids

much like this elderly Jewish lady became an honourary grandmother to her Muslim neighbours –

3 Comments to “The Good Neighbour”

  1. Do you think they’ll be able to keep it up for another 40 years, Dunc . . . ?


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