Gym Wildlife

by duncanr

treadmill120midnight tonight will see the start of the New Year and a large number of folk will be making resolutions to change their life in some way

after the more than usual amount of food and drink consumed over the xmas period and the resultant weight gain, how many will be planning to diet and exercise more?

if, like me, the Gym is an unfamiliar habitat to you, here’s a . . .

handy introduction to help familiarise you with and quickly adapt to this strange environment

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One Comment to “Gym Wildlife”

  1. Back in my weightlifting days when I hung out daily at a hard core bodybuilding gym, I saw a lot of funny shit. One narcissistic a-hole would come in and grunt and howl like a wolf as he bench pressed. We all got tired of it.

    I told all my gym rat buddies that science has shown that the sounds a man makes while lifting weights is the sound he makes in bed at climax. Wolfman immediately became paranoid at all the laughter that erupted whenever he showed up and he stopped coming (pardon the pun).

    Also, the weight room was strangely quiet after that. True story.

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