Paris Jazz Duet Improvisation

by duncanr

35 Comments to “Paris Jazz Duet Improvisation”

  1. That was pretty amazing, although what was even more amazing was almost everybody else’s lack of interest. What terrible bad luck to set up the piano in the only street in the city where virtually all the locals are profoundly deaf. 😦


  2. Oh, I wish I lived in that street.

    To be awakened by the dizzying chords of Jazz emanating from a piano on the pavements below.

    To descend, in a hurriedly dressed state, the staircase to street level and, with out-stretched hands, grasp those wickedly talented fellows by their balls and smash their fucking piano to pieces and then, once more, retire to my bed.

    Oh, I wish I lived in that street.


  3. Anyway. . .

    ‘spontaneous . . .’ , my arse!


  4. ‘ere.

    Has anybody noticed how many authors, writers, fashionistas (WTF?) , beauty consultants, jewellery (usually spelt rong) salesfolk and life coaches we get appearing in that block of pics off to the right? The one labelled ‘Communists’, unless my glasses need updating.

    I’m feeling a bit left out, so may consider rebranding myself.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?


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