Fuck Trump, Fuck ISIS

by duncanr

trump and isisanyone with half a brain – which excludes Donald Trump and a lot of Republican party supporters apparently – foresaw his electioneering rhetoric promoting fear and hatred of muslims and sowing divisions between muslims and non-muslims in the USA would do nothing to counter the threat from Jihadist terrorists but, instead, would do the opposite, however unwittingly, i.e., drive more folk to join the likes of ISIS by legitimising their claim that the ‘west’ is anti-islam – https://madhatters.me.uk/2015/12/08/trump-isis-recruiting-sergeant/

well, it didn’t take long for . . .

us to be proved right, with Al-Quaeda affiliated Somalia terrorist group Al-Shabab using Trump’s call to ban all muslims from entering the USA (even american citizen muslims who’d gone on holiday abroad) as part of a propaganda video hoping to persuade more muslims to join their cause – http://tinyurl.com/jrgsg4n

let’s hope this latest appeal to muslims to join a terrorist organisation is as unsuccessful as the Boxing Day appeal by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi for muslims to join ISIS – a plea that met with these humorous responses from muslims – http://tinyurl.com/jltcwtn πŸ˜†

P.S. belated New Year greeting to all the guys at GCHG who are currently monitoring my browsing habits and emails since I used the ‘trigger’ word ‘ISIS’ in this post and on a google image search – hope you enjoy your read of madhatters, guys (our reader stats could do with a bit of a boost!)

feel free to contribute a comment or two if you are not too shy πŸ˜†

17 Comments to “Fuck Trump, Fuck ISIS”

  1. It was pretty obvious that Donald Trump would be used in this way at some point. The man’s a gift for terrorist propagandists.

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    • obvious to us, perhaps – not so obvious to the ‘intellectually challenged’ (polite way of saying ‘fucking stupid’) republicans in the USA

      the scary thing for us and the rest of the world is Donald Trump could well be the next President of the USA !

      and I don’t buy the analysis of so many political pundits who are predicting that when it comes to the crunch, republicans will not endorse Trump as their candidate for the Presidency

      if history has taught us nothing it is that, in the USA, any fuckwit (e.g., Reagon, Bush) – as long as he has a few million in the bank or the support of some wealthy pricks – can become President of the USA

      if Trump – the greatest threat to world peace – becomes President, heaven help us all !

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      • I’m afraid to say I’ve also been worried about Donald Trump for a long time. I have zero confidence in voters coming to their senses and choosing someone else. Even if they did, it’s not like there’s a voice of sweetness and reason among the rest of the Republican presidential wannabes. It’s really all about degrees of cynicism and stupidity.

        Incidentally, I hate to scare you, but I read the other day that some analysts think Donald Trump’s numbers may be an underestimate because voters with an education are too embarrassed to say they intend to vote for him. (They should be embarrassed too, if not ashamed.)


  2. Phew! For a moment you had me worried. The guys at GCHC might easily view this as the loony ravings of a Labour Party terrorist sympathizer. However, on balance I think sanity will prevail, and they will understand it’s nothing more than a repressed but completely normal desire to engage in group sex with Don Trump and some ISIS members.
    To be on the safe side though, I think we should all sleep with our AK-47s under our pillows in case the government tries to take away our guns again.

    Billy-Ray Jo-Bob III Jnr


  3. Never mind lads, the folk at GCHQ will have been seriously thrown off the scent now that they’ve been referred to as GCHG and GCHC.

    Incidentally, Dunc – GCHQ are already well aware of the MH. I showed one of their chaps the ‘Accountant not needed’ post when he was round here the other day visiting No1 son.


  4. I caught the end of this the other night . . .

    If you can’t be arsed watching the whole thing, start at 50 minutes – it’s Mr Brooker at his best.


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