The Great Loo Mystery

by duncanr

man peeing at urinalGreater Manchester Police responded to calls from members of the public of a man unable to free himself after his clothing got trapped in a urinal when taking a pee –

he was cut free . . .

But they were unable to explain exactly how the man had gotten his clothes entangled with the toilet

no, and me neither – the technique I’ve been using . . .

for years, when peeing, involves standing close to, but not touching, the urinal (important to maintain a safe distance to avoid any ‘splashback’ on one’s clothes), unbuttoning or unzipping my fly, pulling my dick out, then pointing and pissing

long years of (discrete) observation leads me to believe this to be the standard procedure adopted when guys are peeing into a urinal – albeit with slight variations as to the position of the hands; some guys holding their dick in their left hand, others in their right, while some cocky buggers place both hands on hips and let their dick piss willy-nilly all over the place)

at no point, however, does clothing come into contact with the urinal – nor, given the design of urinals (a trench or trough with no moving parts), can I imagine what part of the urinal trapped this man’s clothing

[until more details are released and mystery cleared up, mental note to self – should I ever find myself in Manchester and needing to pee, avoid the urinals and instead piss all over the seat in a cubicle]

2 Comments to “The Great Loo Mystery”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Duncan.


  2. A touch too much ‘research’ going on there, I reckon.


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