Party Trick

by duncanr

shoesthis trick is best performed before your guests have had too much to drink since it involves some maths calculations !

((((‘X’ x 5) + 50) x 20) + 1015) – ‘Y’

where ‘X’ = shoe size, ‘Y’ = year of birth

Step 1 – multiply your shoe size by 5
Step 2 – add 50 to total in Step 1
Step 3 – multiply total in Step 2 by 20
Step 4 – add 1015 to total in Step 3
Step 5 – subtract your year of birth from total in Step 4

Result – if maths done correctly, total in Step 5 should be your shoe size followed by your age

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19 Comments to “Party Trick”

  1. Knowing both my age and shoe size, I thought I’d put this little “tickler” to the test.

    Putting in the aforementioned details, I then did the math’s (not easy for a for a man of my aged shoe size) the result of which was . . .

    My age and shoe size.

    FUCK OFF !


  2. Thanks for the suggestion, but I’ll stay with the Latin alphabet.

    (Bugger, that’s gone out of sequence.)


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