Housework : A Warning

by duncanr

man falling off balconyevery now and again, we here at Madhatters like to put aside – temporarily – our flippancy to air a serious matter

today’s PSA is a warning to men everywhere

in the face of relentless bullying, cajoling, threats from the women in your life, stay strong – refuse to do . . . any housework!

evidence shows that housework can be injurious to a man’s health and can lead to the breakup of a relationship – – so if you love her, don’t do it

she’ll understand !


2 Comments to “Housework : A Warning”

  1. And monitor your electrolytes because you can’t afford to have either hand cramp up. You’re going to need at least one of them desperately for the next month.

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  2. Unfortunately, a person forced to withhold the pleasures of the flesh due to nonperformance of domestic duties may suffer unfortunate lapses into intemperate behaviours, such as failing to notice one’s new negligee or hairstyle, forgetting important dates, and often, forming an inappropriate emotional attachment to bottles and flasks.

    She is probably well aware of this, and yet for some reason known only to herself, may choose to ignore the empty bottles on the lounge room table, and to leave written notes stating the obvious, such as “The washing machine is empty”, before going out to the hairdressers again.

    This situation is very similar to another phenomenon – the withholding of domestic duties due to nonperformance of the pleasures of the flesh. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between these two situations.

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