Year of the Monkey

by duncanr

the Chinese New Year – year of the Monkey – starts tomorrow and, believe it or not, some folk apparently have a problem with this poster designed to celebrate the event

now when I look at it, I see a monkey but other folk – [dirty buggers] – with mucky minds, see something else . . .


5 Comments to “Year of the Monkey”

  1. That reminds me, I need to get some sausage for that gumbo recipe I want to try.


  2. It’s a MONKEY, for God’s sake ! ! !

    (ok, so it’s a Monkey having anal sex)

    . . . but it’s still a MONKEY

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  3. How could anyone see that as a monkey? It’s a human-shaped dildo taking a bow, after mounting a vagina or anus.


    • The problem is that the black outline of the monkey’s head blends in with the black background of the picture–so it’s almost impossible to see. Also, the monkey has no eyes. And the snout of the monkey is just barely discernible. Finally, the shoulders of the monkey are white–thus the outline of the monkey’s head should also be white (or the shoulders and outline of the monkey’s head should be black, with a white background).

      It is an abstract picture of the bust of a monkey. But it is too abstract. And it is not color-coordinated.

      I have no background in art at all–but no one has to have a background in art at all to be an expert on modern art!


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