Christ on a Bike !

by duncanr

donald trumpwhile on the subject of ‘bastards’ and ‘arseholes’, wannabe USA President, Donald Trump, has taken umbrage at Pope Frank questioning whether or not he is a true christian –

well pardon me for disagreeing with Donald “bully boy’ Trump, but I rather think that the head of the Roman Catholic church might be better qualified to judge who is or is not a christian than Donald Chump Trump

forbye that, as an unrepentant atheist, I challenge any bugger to show me . . .

where in the Bible does Jesus say anything that condones Donald ‘self-acclaimed christian’ Trump’s proposal that to defeat ISIS the USA should kill not just ISIS members but their families too –

and if anyone can demonstrate that such barbaric killing of innocents would be sanctioned by Christ, then I thank fuck I’m an atheist !

4 Comments to “Christ on a Bike !”

  1. Both as bad as each other…scum the both of them. I don’t see The Vatican taking lost souls in yet at least they haven’t gone public on the wall as has that twat Trump…thank God for atheists I say!

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  2. It’s not Trump that scares me–after all, noisy assholes abound from pole to pole–but his followers that freak me out. The same goes for freakish entities like Kanye West and Sarah Palin. Existing in isolation, they are just another sad example of skewed thinking and unhealthy coping mechanisms that you move away from on the street. But give them massive, mind-boggling amounts of attention and suddenly they are a religion with standing. Which brings me to Catholicism….


    • Ah’m with yuh there, ‘coz all a’ them yew mentioned have strayed from the path of raghteousness, tho’ their hearts surely be in the raght place and some; still yuh cain’t help but notice they’s all kinda narra-minded, seein’ as how they’s none a’ them seen the laght and joined our congretion conflagration cherch, instead a’ followin’ behind that mealy-mouthed wimpy Trump.

      Westboro Baptists

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