This is Gobshite

by duncanr

Question – when is a poll not a poll ?

Answer – when not a single person is asked to express an opinion !

will someone please explain to the editor of the Metro, the meaning of the word ‘poll’ !

a website drew up a list of attributes they reckoned would make a city nice to live in, e.g., proximity to the sea, average rainfall and sunshine, the number of parks per 10,000 people and the number of nearby National Trust sites, etc – and on that basis, ranked a number of UK cities on how well they did fit this criteria –

on this basis, without asking a single person, they concluded that . . .

Swansea was the most beautiful city in the UK

FFS, give me strength – that only 22% of responders to Metro’s own poll agree with this ‘result’ should indicate what a load of shite this so called ‘poll’ is – I mean, everyone knows the most beautiful city in the UK is not Swansea but Edinburgh ! 😆

11 Comments to “This is Gobshite”

  1. Serves you right for reading The Metro.

    No good ever comes of such foolishness.


  2. Quite right too, Duncan. Edinburgh is number one.

    I spent a dirty weekend there once with an Air Hostess. A very memorable weekend too, and a great hotel, but, being otherwise occupied, didn’t actually get to see much of the place.


    • Auld ratty went to Auld Reekie, a dirty long weekend to have
      With an Air Hostess that he got off with – a Czech, I think, maybe a Slav
      He didn’t see much of the city: some other ‘sight-seeing’ proposed –
      The four walls of his hotel room, and . . . bugger! the curtains were closed!


  3. Isn’t that where those Prussian monarchs go every year to get their tatts done?


  4. Given their criteria, how could they have missed this place?
    – rainfall, sunshine, proximity to the sea – it’s got it all…


  5. Hey Dunc – I like your use of the word ‘gobshite’ in this context. Is this an Edinburgh usage, or more widespread through Scotland?

    To me (being a semi-scouser), gobshite is a descriptive noun for a person who talks crap, spouts off a lot, and is generally best avoided (see also politician )


    • you’ve got me there, nobbly

      was used fairly commonly to describe both a person talking crap and the crap coming out of their mouth when I was a lad but whether general Edinburgh usage or peculiar to my group of friends and family, I can’t rightly say now at this distance in time – [been 16 years since I’ve been home – must make a point of doing so when I’ve retired !]


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