Sad End for Chinese Woman

by duncanr

outoforderliftregular readers of madhatters will perhaps remember that I have mentioned, before, my reluctance to take a lift/elevator if stairs are an available alternative

I don’t have a panic attack if circumstances force me to enter one but I can’t help my eyes being automatically drawn towards the maximum load warning while my brain tries to estimate the combined weight of the fat buggers squeezing themselves into this shared tin box

sad stories like this – – strengthen my resolve to take the stairs whenever possible !

3 Comments to “Sad End for Chinese Woman”

  1. How horrid….and that no one missed her…..


    • it’s a sad reflection of ‘modern,’ life that we no longer have close links with family, friends, and neighbours – leaving those living on their own (for whatever reason) ‘vulnerable’ in an emergency or if they have mental or physical issues that make it difficult for them to cope with everyday life


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