Auld Duffer Dunc

by duncanr

why what whoas I get older I am getting more forgetful

this morning I decided to get a a few groceries from the shops and get a spare key cut while at it

I decided to leave the car at home and get the bus instead – now that I have an auld bugger bus pass it makes sense to use public transport and save on car parking charges when I can

so I set off to the bus stop, making sure I had me bus pass in me pocket before I left the house, and the key I wanted a copy made off

I boarded the bus

got off 4 stops later

crossed the road and walked towards the Aldi store that was my 1st destination

a young girl was stood outside the entrance selling the Big Issue

I stopped to give her some . . .


I patted one pocket

then the next

then another

and another

then I retraced my steps

crossed the road

and waited to catch the bus heading back in the opposite direction

for you can buy f&ck all if you’ve left your wallet at home !

P.S. read this post by a fellow blogger this morning – – now I’m wondering, am I on that slippery slope?

13 Comments to “Auld Duffer Dunc”

  1. Not if you’re a busty blonde in a bar. I don’t remember buying a single drink in college.

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  2. Slippery slope Duncan.


  3. There seems to be some necessary detail missing… Apparently the girl made you forget your wallet. She must have been either very good looking, or very ugly. And what did you find in her pockets?
    Perhaps you’ve just forgotten (as you do when you get older)?


  4. I shouldn’t worry, Duncan.

    You have passed many years living in England, but forgetting your wallet is a Scottish thing.

    It’s in your genes.


  5. If it had been in his jeans rather than his genes, the problem wouldn’t have arisen.


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