Give Me Strength

by duncanr

saw this tweet a few days ago – so why am I posting it now?


because of this asinine comment from Ted Cruz in response to the terrorist attack in Brussels that the way to prevent radicalisation of american muslims is to “empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized” ( – a reminder that with Cruz, as with Trump, stupidity is no barrier to political ambition in the US

3 Comments to “Give Me Strength”

  1. It’s just because Cruz is so removed from the situation…in every possible way. Let’s see, how would the Republicans handle the Brussels bombing if it happened in a Texas airport?

    Well, right off, they’d make sure we all understood that bombs don’t kill people, people kill people. It’s not the bomb’s fault. In fact, if everyone had had their own personal concealed-carry bomb in that airport, this wouldn’t have happened. We need good people with bigger bombs, that’s all. That’ll keep the nutjobs in check.

    Then they’d point out that insanity is obviously a factor because only a mentally disturbed person would do such a thing. And it’s important to keep bombs out of the hands of mentally disturbed people. But since it infringes upon everybody’s personal freedom to do any background check or mental evaluation of them before they purchase a bomb, there’s no real way to tell who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy. It’s best all around if we just keep selling bombs hand over fist to everybody. Anyway, mental problems should be handled at home or at church because nobody wants to see that. A good prayin’ should take care of it.

    Then the demented chickens would come home to roost on the GOP’s true motivations: it’s the crazy religions out there that induce people to such atrocities. The only real way to tell if someone is mentally unsound is to ask them what their religion is. If it’s not yours, they’re mentally unsound. No bomb for them.

    (Well, they’d probably receive plenty of bombs from the Republicans eventually, but not in a good way.)

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