Muslim vs Non-Muslim Lives

by duncanr

following the murder of innocents in Brussels, Le Monde published a cartoon symbolising French support to the folk in Belgium – emphasising their shared experience as victims of terrorist attacks

france comforts belgium

meanwhile, public buildings in the UK (and elsewhere) – as happened after the Terrorist attack in Paris – have been illuminated in the colours of the victims national flag – – and folk on social media have been replacing their profile pics with that of the Belgium flag

all very nice and praiseworthy but . . .

as a cynic (gawd, I’ve spent too long in Nobbly’s company), I can’t help thinking that as a measure of defiance aimed at ISIS, it’s a waste of time – I hardly think ISIS is going to quake in their boots/reassess their strategy of indiscriminate bombings and shootings because some public buildings are illuminated in the colours of their victims national flag or folk on facebook disapprove of them

and as a message of support to those whose loved ones have died or been injured in these terrorist attacks?

if I was in their shoes, I doubt my grief or pain would in any way be diminished by the knowledge that public buildings were being illuminated or folks were changing their profile pics on Facebook !

on the other hand, if I was Turkish and had loved ones who had died or been injured in recent weeks by ISIS terrorist attacks I would be right pissed off that no social media profiles were changed or public buildings illuminated when my country was targeted by ISIS – which begs the question, why not?

are muslim victims of ISIS attacks not deserving of the same respect and response as non-muslim victims ?

or do non-muslims regard muslims lives of less value than that of non-muslims ? – a point poignantly made in this adaptation of the Le Monde cartoon . . .


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