An Irish Farewell

by duncanr

hal_coffinthe first time Anita met my relatives in Scotland was at the funeral in Edinburgh of one my aunts

it was a riotous affair (police were called to stop the women fighting) đŸ˜† – the idea that the drinking and partying would go on for 2-3 days was a novel concept to someone who had only ever attended more sombre funerals in England and she thoroughly enjoyed it

while my family farewells to the dead can be quite ‘exuberant’ and extend over several days, however, no-one can beat the Irish when it comes to paying their respect to the dead

in this video, Kerry man Brian O’Sullivan . . .

leads mourners in a local pub in a song to commemorate 45 yr old cystic fibrosis sufferer Ger Foley who was buried earlier that day

4 Comments to “An Irish Farewell”

  1. Fucking awesome. American funerals are about as inspiring as snails fucking. It doesn’t honor the deceased at all to stand around clamping down emotions and secretly wanting to be anywhere but there. Where’s the celebration of their life?

    If it takes drink, then glug, glug. Go for it. Now’s the time to emote, people. You loved them, love them again. Keep loving them by doing what honors their life: LIVING OUT LOUD.

    Even THIS is better than standing with your feet together, silently dabbing at your eyes with a hankie:


    • THIS is better ?

      THIS is fantastic !

      I hope to have something similar performed at my funeral. Though, being a Cornishman, it won’t be the Haka but, more likely, the Floral Dance . . !


      • Hakas are hot right now, they even do them at weddings. Hopefully, they will permanently fuse into other cultures and you can look down on your very own Floral Haka Dance.

        In my opinion, a haka is the most fantastic expression of male emotion. It’s how men should act. They should have an honorable outlet that combines power and feeling. The handshake/head touch thing brings tears to my eyes, it’s so cool. You can take all those lame fist bumps and stuff ’em.


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