Free Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

by duncanr

benand jerry ice creamas many of you know, I am due to retire in a few weeks and will perforce be seeking ways to reduce my expenditure so that it does not outstrip me reduced income

a useful source to help in this regard is this website – – which I would recommend any madhatter readers in the UK to bookmark

for instance, did you know that . . .

selected Ben & Jerry outlets in the UK will be offering a free ice-cream cone to anyone who asks between 12 noon and 8 pm on Tuesday 12th April –

or are you interested in horse racing?

want up to 4 FREE tickets to the St Anne Enclosure at Royal Ascot race course for opening day of the flat racing season on Wednesday 27th April ? –

lots of special offers/deals like these and tips on how to save on household, goods, and services costs on Martin Lewis’s website

check it out –

5 Comments to “Free Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream”

  1. These past 5 months have flown by Duncan.


  2. That’s a good deal at Ben and Jerry’s. It’d be hard to get a better price than free. I suppose they could give customers money as well.


  3. I wish I could cool off with that. The weathermen here are all on crack. A predicted high of 81 degrees, my ass–it’s currently 90 and just barely creeping back down for the evening.

    Tomorrow they’re calling for 82, which probably means 101, the bastards.

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