Race to the Death

by duncanr

when the hearse carrying Julie Wilson to her final resting place at St Gluvias Cemetery in Penryn, Cornwall broke down, there was only one thing left to do . . .

watching this vid, I was minded of one of my favourite sketches by Irish comedian Dave Allen

an old irish custom concerning the dead is that only one person buried in a graveyard can . . .

enter heaven each day – so if two people are buried in a graveyard on the same day, the second person has to wait until the following day to get into heaven

what happens then, when one funeral procession meets another heading for the same cemetery ?

7 Comments to “Race to the Death”

  1. Great start to my day. 😄


  2. I didn’t understand a word of that.

    What language was it? Some obscure primitive tongue I suppose, as now used by only elderly and decrepit folk.

    Maybe ratty knows . . .


    • It’s called Dirge. It’s spoken in the background of all long suffering martyred mothers everywhere. Dialects include the northern After Everything I’ve Done For You, This is the Thanks I Get, the hill country’s Is It Too Much To Ask To See Some Grandchildren Before I Die, and the southern, more colloquial You’ll Be Sorry When I’m Gone.

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  3. ” ‘ere, me bird,” he’s sayin’ “are us goin’ on to theirs fer a pastie ‘n a nice cuppe tay, after ?”

    “Not bliddy likely we aint,” she’s sayin’ “oive gotta get that there trolley back to Tescos !”

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  4. Great sketch. Dave Allen was a funny guy.


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