What Kind of Penguin Are You?

by duncanr

This is me . . .


what kind of penguin are you ?

find out by . . .

answering a few questions

click on this link – http://tinyurl.com/j88yro6 – then scroll down to the foot of this Daily Telegraph article to take the quiz

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8 Comments to “What Kind of Penguin Are You?”

  1. Oh come on! What else would I be other than a Little Penguin.

    You’ve done it again, haven’t you, Dunc? You and your fucking tinyurl links – you’ve led me to the webshite of a right wing, tory-supporting newspaper.


  2. I’m a thick Penguin.

    I don’t know what KRILL is . . .


  3. Well, are you a Royalist or a Roundhead Pengouin ?

    Why not slip over to –


    and see what other people think, and then leave your comment.

    Also, the “like” button is at your disposal.


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