Bare Bums and Bits in Auld Reekie

by duncanr

beltane edinburghas Ratty has reminded us, today is the 1st of May ( – for gawd’s sake read the auld bugger’s post and leave a comment or click the Like button (you don’t have to mean it), else we’ll get no peace from him at all !

I was born and grew up in Edinburgh and on the 1st May it was customary to . . .

climb Arthur Seat (an extinct volcano in the heart of the city) and wash one’s face in the early morning dew – the belief being that so doing would keep one looking young and beautiful

[I used to skip that part – may explain why I’m an ugly looking bugger now – being wary of dabbing any morning dew on my face in case any of the many dogs who took their ‘walkies’ there may have ‘refreshed’ the morning dew]

of course, some alcohol was imbibed to keep out the morning chill – I was an enthusiastic participant in that part of the ritual šŸ˜†

indeed the spirits began to flow the previous evening on April 30th – as folk celebrated the ancient celtic festival ‘Beltane’ –

though it’s some years since I’ve been back home, it’s pleasing to see the youngsters are still carrying on the auld traditions . . .

2 Comments to “Bare Bums and Bits in Auld Reekie”

  1. speaking of the morning dew reminded me of one of the first songs I learned to play on the guitar . . .


  2. There’s a higher incidence of tooth decay and poor mental performance in the South. Hmm….


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