Facing the Lion

by duncanr

tables turnedmadhatters has not always been called that

we had a different name once

when we decided a change was in order, we asked for suggestions and created a poll so folk could vote for their favourite

it was a close run thing but Madhatters emerged as the eventual winner – thanks to a late surge of votes from South Africa

there were suspicions that . . .

these south african votes in favour of madhatters as the new name for our blog were the result of our south african admin/author voting multiple times in favour of her own suggestion by logging on to several different computers at her home and workplace to circumvent the WordPress restriction of one vote only per IP Address – but in the absence of an admission of guilt, and Nobbly over-ruling ratty’s suggestion that we waterboard the bitch, we decided to let the result of the poll stand

although she no longer contributes to madhatters, I occasionally go on to Facebook to see what she’s up to

when I did so yesterday, I found she had been burgled

fortunately, she wasn’t at home at the time

this guy – who features on Madhatters’ recommended blogs to read – and his wife weren’t so fortunate – https://23thorns.com/2016/04/06/4252/

10 Comments to “Facing the Lion”

  1. Chilling.


    • a reminder that how ever much we think we’re going through a shitty stage, there are others in the world who are going through a whole lot more !!!


      • That’s true. And so eloquently related, without any hatred or bitterness.

        Liked by 1 person

        • stories like this make we realise how lucky we are to live where we do !


          • Yeah – and you live in Birmingham!


            • weather’s been kinder – at least in Brum – the last couple of days

              how was it with you?

              camping trip a success or a washout ?


              • Both, really. It was bloody freezing, then foggy, then it chucked it down on Monday morning just as we were packing up the tents.

                It was a right good laugh, though.


                • I’ve had a few times like that meself, camping in the Dales!


                  • The itinerary:-

                    Friday – Get phone call from my mate, who asks “Are we bloody mad, or what?” Decide to stay at home and head up there on Saturday morning.

                    Saturday – Nice day! Feel all smug. Arrive in Stainforth at 08:30, put up the biggest tent on the campsite (now known as Chateau Nobbly) and have a brew. Head to Ingleton to walk round the waterfalls walk. Turn back halfway round when confronted with a turnstile and a demand for £6 per person. Swear, Grumble. Go to pub in village. Barbecue and beers in evening. Bloody freezing. Retire to Campsite club for beer and pub quiz. Come second! Win £40! Hit the sack about half eleven. Seriously uncomfortable night on camp bed in zero degrees. Swear, Grumble.

                    Sunday – Up at half six. Swear, Grumble. Bacon buttie and brew – hurrah! Shite weather, so rethink trip to Malham involving shinning up waterfall at Gordale Scar. Walk into Settle via Langcliffe instead, Go to pub. No telly, and football on. Go to Second pub with telly. Leicester fail to beat the red scum and clinch the title. Walk back to campsite . Await return of serious boozers who’d stayed behind to watch the Manchester City match. Got to pub in Stainforth for meal. Stagger back in pitch black. Hit sack.

                    Monday – Up before six as dog wants to go for a pee. Great weather! Go back to bed for a bit. Get woken by rain. Take tent down in pouring rain and cram everything in the Land Rover. Brews and Sausage butties in the site club, before we all go our separate ways. Mrs N and I head to Hawes for the afternoon then return home in glorious sunshine. Hang tent out to dry in back garden.

                    Tuesday – Back to work. Swear, Grumble.


                    • Six quid? I think it was about 50p, last time I was there. It was a few years ago, though.

                      Sounds like a good weekend, though.


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