The Rich Really Have No Idea

by duncanr

zak arsehole goldsmithone of the benefits of being retired is having time on my hands to write ‘proper’ blog posts rather than the quick one or two lines I dash off before rushing to work

i have a post in my draft folder, for instance, I have been working on for the last couple of days about the tory toff who is standing for election as the new Mayor of London and his playing the islamophobic card (he is a jew, his main opponent is a muslim) and accusing his muslim rival’s party of being anti semitic, in a cynical ploy to capture the votes of the sizeable jewish community in London

but, fuck it, the man’s an arsehole – forget my carefully crafted post, judge for yourself . . .

here he is trying to secure the vote of asians in London by claiming to be a fan of Bollywood movies but can’t name a single fucken bollywood actor/actress/movie . . .

and here he is trying to be topical and liking himself to Leicester City football club who yesterday became Champions of the English Premier Division – claiming he is going to emulate them by ‘coming from behind’ (he is currently trailing his labour party opponent in the polls) to win the election . . .

except, instead of capitalising on a topical event and showing how much he is a ‘man of the people’ – despite being a multi-millionaire – he has just shown himself, again, as an arsehole who doesn’t live in the same world as us less well-off, less privileged souls who at least know that far from ‘coming from behind’ Leicester football club have been sat at the top of the league for most of the season !

finally, here is our wealthy tory toff trying to portray himself as a man of the people by posing in a pub, drinking a pint of ale – except he looks like he is holding a champagne flute rather than a pint, and is taking a little sip rather than a good slurp . . .

there’s something rather pathetic about the wealthy, over privileged members of society – in pursuit of votes – seeking to portray themselves as one of the proletariate !

3 Comments to “The Rich Really Have No Idea”

  1. “‘proper’ blog posts”

    Does this mean they’ll come with proper punctuation or will we still just be ordering off the children’s menu?

    Liked by 1 person

    • ha, you should form an alliance with nobbly – who’s always complaining about my americanese spelling (a result of living in Canada for some years) and my anarchistic disregard of conventional english grammar usage and conventions like capitalising the first word in a sentence – which I only do if I am writing a paragraph (where it serves the useful purpose of alerting the reader to where one sentence ends and another begins) but is entirely superfluous in a blog post where each sentence is separated from those preceding and following by a separate line) 😆


  2. Not sure how I feel about being on Nobbly’s team. The uniforms are probably better than Team Ratty, anyway. That neon pink and glitter doesn’t do a thing for my complexion.

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