Saving Glass-co

by duncanr

Oh dear !

a pair of well-intentioned christian american kids are seeking contributions to fund a two-week trip to Scotland to help the poor and deprived citizens of Glasgow

if they were hoping for a warm welcome, however, they may be in for a disappointment

reaction to their youtube video

has been largely ‘negative’, e.g., “Absolute thundercunts“, “condescending little pricks“, “Piss off

some folk, more polite than others, have suggested that they . . .

direct their good charitable intentions to those needing help closer to home

Kids, your intentions are nice, but Glasgow is not the place you need to be. How about you head to New Orleans? I hear that the people affected by Katrina still are in need of help. Start fixing things at home first, I’d say

while others have sought to correct their perception of the city

Do you realise how OFFENSIVE and PATRONISING this is???? I am an ex-American and took British citizenship years ago. Glasgow is one of the FRIENDLIEST cities you can hope to live in! Every area has its downtrodden bits and no go zones. But Glasgow is beautiful, vibrant, innovative, home to one of the top 50 universities in the entire world. Home to many world famous bands, actresses and actors and inventors. Remember, charity begins at home, and there are many children and families struggling in the States. Glasgow is strong and proud and a leading British city in our care for those needing help

if the vitriol that has greeted their video does not deter the youngsters, they would do well to avoid further ridicule by learning how to correctly pronounce the word ‘Glasgow’ !

once they’ve mastered that here’s some useful Glaswegian phrases to help them fit right in with the local community . . .

13 Comments to “Saving Glass-co”

  1. Yesterday, I was bragging about the nice Brit friends I have on the internet who’ve been guiding me, one insult at a time, through the marvelous world of international blue language and the wondrous variety of ways to tell someone to go bleep themselves.

    And today, thundercunts. (wipes away tear) You guys are the BEST!


  2. In other news, I guess those kids haven’t been to Detroit, Michigan, lately. Actually, I can guarantee they haven’t because, you know, black people.


  3. Shame – the video has been taken down. I was looking forward to that.


  4. Some great stuff from Stanley Baxter there – I’d never come across Parliamo Glasgow before.


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