Yoga for Drunks

by duncanr

zimmer yoganow that I’ve retired, I’ve got time to take up some activities I used to  pursue in my much younger days but gradually gave up for one reason or another

take yoga, for instance – I used to set some time aside, twice a day, to practice this when I was in my 30s

been a long time now, though, since I last performed any . . .

sun salutations so I thought i’d start slowly, not push myself too much – after all, I’m not so flexible now as I once was – and maybe in time I’ll be able to master this routine . . .


gif via B&P

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3 Comments to “Yoga for Drunks”

  1. Yeah. My new mantra is “Ouch!” Don’t pull anything you don’t intend to pull. Great animation!


  2. You may need to study more advanced positions.

    Or maybe you already have . . .


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