There’s Arseholes – then there’s Trump

by duncanr

and a whole lot of other folk that have voted for him !

the front-runner to secure the Democrat nomination for President, Hilary Clinton, has released a video attacking Trump’s suitability to occupy such high office

the twist?

the video features, not criticisms by his democrat opponents but the views of his own side – senior members of his own Republican party

meanwhile, these senior republicans have declared they will NOT vote for Trump – – come election time, though, will any republican voters be swayed by their views or will they vote for the party, regardless of the candidate?

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6 Comments to “There’s Arseholes – then there’s Trump”

  1. (Holds brownie in one hand, vodka and water in the other, pretends to live in Iceland until November 2.)


  2. My thoughts in six minutes:

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  3. People may not like either of the two.but please do not vote trump.He will have us in so much trouble.we would be at war with mexico russsia cuba china etc..He is a mess and does not understand polotics


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