Ex Arrested for Paint Job

by duncanr

cheetera South Carolina man was arrested after a police officer spotted him in a store parking lot vandalising his ex-girl-friend’s car by painting ‘CHEETER‘ across the passenger side of the vehicle

36-year-old Timothy Lee Trammell claimed he did so because he was mad at his ‘ex’ and wanted revenge – though not as mad as she at him, I bet, when she saw the damage to her car!

he has since been charged with ‘two counts of possession of a controlled substance, simple possession of marijuana and vandalism of property‘ – http://tinyurl.com/zll8p9t

[no charge, though, for being crap at spelling !]

3 Comments to “Ex Arrested for Paint Job”

  1. The ignorant plonker called her a “cheeter,”

    Everybody knows that a Cheeter is a South African Leotard that can run very fast.

    Tsk. – I despair, I really do !

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  2. Timmy Trammell thought that ‘kamel’
    Was the way to spell
    An animal of desert lands
    With humps and funny smell

    His girlfriend had a Jaguar
    No, not an animal, a car
    He thought, rather than beat her
    He’d rename it a cheater

    But, as before I did thee tell
    Timmy Trammell couldn’t spell
    He made that first ‘e’ double
    And got into some trouble

    That cop for sure was not amused
    To see the language so abused
    A man who liked to live the verb
    He nicked poor Timmy for the ‘herb’

    And more, he found a dodgy bill
    That made him go in for the kill
    And though TT was feeling grim
    He really threw the buck at him

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