Madhatter Birthday

by duncanr

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3 Comments to “Madhatter Birthday”

  1. to a UK ear (well mine, at least) one of the most irritating features of WordPress is the ever-so-chummy messages from WordPress arsehole ‘happiness engineers’

    that said, madhatters is but a pale shadow of the vibrant, 1,000’s a day visitors and commentators site it once once – so a personal thank you from me to my fellow admins – nobbly, ratty, and sticky for staying with me and keeping madhatters afloat when I was too busy with other matters to give it much attention – [looking after my wife or trying to get my leg-over with new woman]

    thanks, guys !

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  2. Fuck! It’s happened again!

    Thanks for the thanks, mate. Although I’m not sure that you should rely on us to keep it up for you; there are plenty of pills available on the megainterweb for that sort of thing.

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  3. Happy Birthday Madhatters one and all. I suppose it’s only manners to have a drink to celebrate.


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