Caption this . . .

by duncanr

[Prime Minister David Cameron with Labour’s former culture secretary Tessa Jowell try to recreate the famous Beatles album cover during their visit to Abbey Road studios in north London where they met with representatives of the creative industries to discuss the letter and the call for the UK to remain in the EU ]


5 Comments to “Caption this . . .”

  1. What could be more English than, not just a zebra crossing, but the Abbey Road zebra crossing?

    A good argument for getting out, I say.

    (Have you ever heard French and German pop music ?)


  2. Sticky I’m disappointed. English? English, you say?
    Look it may seem trivial, but this creeping Americanization of the English language is no laughing matter.
    The last letter of the English, as distinct from American, alphabet is a “zed” not a “zee”.
    Hence naturally, Zedbra crossing.


  3. Aren’t there supposed to be four of them?

    Err . . . not that I’m advocating doubling the number of politicians.

    Unless! . . . . Unless! . . . They happen to be stood in the middle of a busy road, and there’s a large truck coming.

    Now, where are the keys to my large truck?


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