Pensioner Burns House Down

by duncanr

man burns down house It is understood police spoke to the pensioner but will take no further action

Hhmmm, I could be wrong but I reckon several Insurance companies representing clients who have lost all their possessions and are now homeless will most definitely be taking further action against the auld git pensioner –


7 Comments to “Pensioner Burns House Down”

  1. He used a WHAT to defrost his Fridge ?

    . . . damn, that’s a brilliant idea !

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  2. Thanks fer this Dunc. I’m spending all day now struggling out of the £300 broken second-hand recliner to check I’ve not left any heater, or owt on the cooker now!
    Hehe! TTFN


  3. But nowhere in the article does it mention if he eventually managed to get his fridge door open! These are the depths to which modern journalism has sunk. 😦


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