Each to their Own

by duncanr

man in nappywhat a couple get up to in the privacy of their own home – as long as they both are willing participants and it doesn’t involve children or animals – is entirely up to them

but some activities are perhaps best not publicised – unless embarrassing your kids is not a concern?


10 Comments to “Each to their Own”

  1. Does she put him over her shoulder afterwards, and then rub his back so he can burp ?

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  2. Why do people think this needs shared with others? I mean, privacy people, privacy!


  3. One positive thing that can come from reading about people like this, is that it has the effect of reassuring us of how straight we are in comparison.

    For myself, I am an Hetero-sheepial – I can’t abide that Homo-sheepial gay stuff, cos people like that ain’t normal.

    Worse than that are the bi-sheepials who get turned on by anything in the flock, and then there are the homo-bi-cross-dressing-sheepials who are indescribable because of their perversions and incredibly long titles.

    Though I do have one preference to admit to . . . depilation.

    I find a sheared sheep irresistable.

    Excuse me for bleating on.


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