Confessions of Amaryllis Fox

by duncanr

former CIA Political and Terrorism Analyst for SE Asia and Clandestine Service officer overseas, Amaryllis Fox shares some thoughts on dealing with one’s enemy . . .

8 Comments to “Confessions of Amaryllis Fox”

  1. Confessions? That implies that she did something bad.

    I’m always surprised that these CIA ‘whistleblowers’ aren’t worried about action being taken against them. But then again, ‘the firm’ probably aren’t too worried, because they are pretty much ‘out’, regarding their activities, and one has only to look back to the Iran/Contra episode, where they were secretly selling arms to the Iranians, and running cocaine, in order to fund the Contras in Nicaragua. Then there’s ‘exraordinary rendition’ and waterboarding.

    But it’s people like us who are likely to have action taken against them: not for being terrorists or subversives, but for exercising their right to free speech, and protesting against unjust laws, when our governments seem to be acting against the common good by secretly engineering immoral trade agreements, and depriving vulnerable people of support. A couple of Green Party councillors in this region were put on a terrorist watch list, just for attending demonstrations, apparently.

    Need I say more?


  2. “Former” CIA operative?????


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