An ExPat’s View of Brexit

by duncanr

the UK votes on Thursday in a referendum on whether or not to remain a member of the European Union (EU)

on Last Week Tonight, John Oliver rubbished the arguments of those who want the UK to quit the EU

it’s a longish video

for those who can’t be arsed watching it in its entirety, fast forward and watch it from the 13 minute mark

7 Comments to “An ExPat’s View of Brexit”

  1. Oh, for fuck’s sake !


  2. I’m going to have to watch it all now – just to see if the rest of it is any better than the crap after 13 minutes.

    That smug bloke annoys the hell out of me at the best of times. He is to satire what Jeremy Clarkson is to late night dining.


  3. ‘ere, ratty.

    Do you realise that that’s twice today that I’ve agreed with you?

    We’d better fall out about something quickly, or we’ll ruin our reputations.


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