Man Cums, Woman Goes . . .

by duncanr

stick figures oral sexthrough pockets

proof that women really can multi-task . . .

14 Comments to “Man Cums, Woman Goes . . .”

  1. Blow me !

    I hope that the sucker that was suckered by the sucker gets succour.

    This sucks.


  2. I found that hard to swallow.

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  3. I bet he gave her a mouthful, when he found out she’d robbed him.


  4. Actually, I’m a little disturbed that Duncan failed to disclose the WHOLE story.

    Fortunately, my eagle eye fell on the artwork accompanying this post, where it clearly shows the perpetrator, on her knees in front of her victim, begging his forgiveness while he lays a Papal-like consolatory hand on her head.

    So, all’s well that ends well and every cloud has a silver lining and all that.

    . . . and shame on you, Duncan.


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