Free Nurse Schadenfreude!

by NobblySan

I was wondering why we hadn’t heard from our old (very!) friend Nurse Schadenfreude for a while.

She appears to be in a spot of bother, doubtless as the result of a badly-handled police investigation culminating in serious injustice meted out at the hands of some corrupt Johnny foreigner legal system.

The BBC broke the news, thus:-


We must do all we can to help her!




11 Comments to “Free Nurse Schadenfreude!”

  1. Ich bin inner scent. It vas Nurse Ratshit wot dunnit. Der beach.


  2. Und now ze jailer has given me back mein foto


  3. rather than being vilified and unfairly incarcerated Nurse Schadenfreude should be plauded for her innovative solution to the problem of overcrowded hospitals !


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