by duncanr

brexitso, after interminable months of bullshitting, hyperbole, dodgy statistics, fear-mongering, threats, wild promises and claims from dodgy politicians, wankers and business leaders, and pleas/endorsements from past and present ‘celebrities’ wheeled out to support one side or the other**, votes will finally be cast today to determine whether or not the UK remains a member of the UE (European Union)

** FFS, is anyone seriously going to decide which way to vote because of what David Beckham thinks?

two recent polls carried out by madhatter admin, duncanr, on the . . .

eve of the referendum vote suggest the result will be close

the first poll, sample size = 9 drunks dunc’s matesrandomly selected patrons of the Bell pub, Birmingham yesterday afternoon revealed . . .

In = 4 votes
Out = 4 votes
undecided (but leaning towards voting In) = 1 vote

a second poll, conducted later yesterday evening with a different group of dunc’s mates randomly selected group of diners at an eat as much as you can shove down your neck buffet restaurant in Wolverhampton revealed . .

In = 2 votes
Out = 2 votes

disclaimer – these madhatter polls predict a much closer result than other recent polls which have shown a 6-9 point advantage for the ‘OUT’ campaign

this discrepancy may be attributable to the small sample size and the margin of error (i.e., some of the buggers might have been lying) of dunc’s polls

time will soon tell which pollster got it right !

13 Comments to “UK EU D-Day”

  1. This is all bullshit. Does anyone believe that the big boys are going to let the plebs have a say in what happens to their country ?


  2. Don’t worry, still warm beer and chip butties


  3. I truly never expected this result. I’m now wondering who’s going to be next to leave ?


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