England and Wales Vote Out

by duncanr

EU Ref resultsso the results of the referendum to decide whether or not the UK should quit the EU are in and the majority have voted to quit

there is a geographical split in the vote, however, with Scotland and N.Ireland voting to remain in the EU

there will be inevitable calls now for a new . . .

referendum in Scotland for independence from England as this result means English votes are dragging Scotland out of the EU against the wishes of the majority of Scots

there will be similar calls by Sinn Fein for N.Ireland to quit the UK and join Eire to create a united Ireland since decision to quit UK, against wishes of folk in N.Ireland, will impact trade with their neighbour and EU member in the south

this referendum result, therefore, could see the break-up of the UK – http://tinyurl.com/jdlkfqh

one early positive result of the vote meanwhile is the departure of ‘dodgy dave’ – http://tinyurl.com/hwjec7u


36 Comments to “England and Wales Vote Out”

  1. Wales also primarily voted to be ‘out’ of the EU. I wonder what the future will hold.


  2. Why is anyone really surprised? Britain has never liked being in a gang unless it’s the leader. We can only watch and wait. It must be very difficult to be Scottish or Northern Irish and wake up to this today.

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    • I’m not at all surprised; having worked with the public, I wouldn’t trust them one little bit when it comes to making sensible decisions.

      The VAST majority of the Brexiteers that I’ve met over the past few weeks have belonged to the knuckle-dragging ‘Engerland!’-supporting variety. You know the ones – the lot who seem to yearn for the good old days of the second world war, with spitfires, Churchill, white cliffs of Dover and all that old tosh.

      The old adage of ‘be careful what you wish for’ seems to ring true. I hope these thick bastards know what they’ve done, and are prepared to hang their heads in shame for what they’ve done to this country that they claim to love so much.

      I only hope that I’m wrong, and that things will indeed be better. I just can’t see it at the moment, however.

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  3. Following Dunc’s reasoning above, perhaps those Londoners will also want to leave the UK, as the rest of England voted them out of the EU.

    Hmmm….. maybe some good could come of this yet.


  4. Were you surprised by the results?


  5. This may go some way towards explaining the outcome:


    I didn’t realise that Paul Calf could be so eloquent . . .


    • But this other Lancashire lad knows what should happen:



      • “No politician has a mandate to design a specific Brexit negotiation stance now. The only one with a democratic mandate to rule Britain just resigned, and his party’s 2015 manifesto is junk.”

        This is bothering me as well. The idea of Johnson running the country is a terrifying one. The idea of him and Trump cuddling up to each other doesn’t even bear thinking about.

        The country (well, some of it) voted for a Tory government led by Cameron, not Johnson, Gove or any bugger else.

        These are relatively uncharted waters in which we find ourselves, and a general election is required, once party leaders have been selected.


    • A great piece.

      (and he does look like Paul Calf, doesn’t he . . . )


      • Yes to both!

        I think that Paul Mason has the answer, though. We would get something more like democracy, as well, which can’t be a bad thing.


  6. I was shocked, saddened and rather alarmed by the result. I really can’t see any huge advantages of Britain leaving the EU, only a lot of negatives. I can understand people in the UK and around the world being worried about lack of job security and the fact that globalization seems to have brought massive economic benefits to a small number of very rich people. Sadly, the main response in many places seems to be to put faith in demagogues and to start blaming other victims.


  7. decision to leave makes absolutely no sense to me at all

    immigration seems to have been a key factor for many folk voting to leave EU – yet leaving EU will do bugger all to stop members of EU countries coming to UK, since the brexit camp want to have continued access to the common market , pointing to the likes of Norway (which is not in the EU but enjoys access to common market) as an example of how this could work – forgetting/conveniently ignoring that one of the conditions of Norway’s privileged access to the common market is acceptance of the EU fundamental principle of free movement between countries !

    then there’s the economic consequences of quitting the EU, not least of which is companies relocating from UK to other EU countries to maintain easy access to EU market

    already some leading Leave campaigners are back-peddling on some of the claims made in order to con persuade folk to vote against continued membership of the EU – http://tinyurl.com/hxtsu38


  8. The “out” vote made the Rand tip worse than it did in December when Zoomer was playing “how many finance ministers can we toss in a week”


  9. From an outsider looking in this was the worst outcome possible. A lot of companies who are European are probably looking at now pulling out of the UK sooner rather than later – it’s kind of like a kid who is saying – well you don’t want to be my friend no more, so why should I be yours? Sadly Nobbles, at your (and my) age – how easily will you come by another job? It’s the main reason why I have stayed where I am with the company I’ve worked for for more than 13 years now – no increase for more than 18 months, and a 30 % bonus in the same time-frame (where we should have received our usual annual increase plus 3 x 50 % bonuses) – our age counts against us in the job-market – were people even considering things like companies going back over the channel when they were so eager to put their x’s against the ‘leave’ block?


  10. It seems ‘leaving the EU’ will mean exactly what the lawyers say, after they’ve received their fee of course…



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