No Sex – It’s D.I.Y.

by duncanr

rear entryit was a hot afternoon yesterday

Dee and I were in her bathroom

we were both sweating so I opened the bathroom window to let in some air – it also let in the sound of her neighbours’ voices as they sat chatting in their garden below

I’m struggling to get it in‘, I said – panting!

try the bottom‘, replied Dee

as I re-positioned my tool to follow her suggestion, I became . . .

aware of two things – her neighbours had broken off their conversation, and Dee was giggling hysterically

I was sober – an unusual state for me – so my usual quick senses were somewhat dulled

it took a second or two – while I replayed our last few sentences in my mind – to understand her laughter

I don’t know how I’m going to face them in the morning‘, said Dee, still giggling – [her neighbours are muslim, and sex as well as food and drink is a big no-no during Ramadan]

‘just tell them the truth**’, I replied

** see comment following this post

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6 Comments to “No Sex – It’s D.I.Y.”

  1. ** I know what you lot are thinking – same as Dee’s neighbours – but you’re wrong

    we weren’t fornicating – I was trying to affix to the wall a new bathroom cabinet she’d bought, honest !!!


  2. “No Sex – It’s D.I.Y.”

    You do know that could result in your going blind and all your teeth falling out ?


  3. “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!” Thx for sharing a laugh.


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